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Australian Water Conference Cartoons

Having created cartoons about water quality or the lack thereof and making light of it, it was fascinating to meet people who take water quality seriously. I met people who are passionate about providing the best water quality for all Australians at the Australian Water Conference held November 24 -25.
One aspect of the conference was on ‘solid’ waste. I even met a delegate who has a PhD in Poo. She is affectionately known as the ‘Poo Lady’and proud of it. I guess someone had to grab that title.
I was fortunate enough to be book signing on a stand with two delightful people, Rick & Judy Draper from Amtac Professional Services. Amtac developed an Application called WasteID. It’s a flexible application for managing trade and liquid waste, as well as other data gathering activities. The City of Gold Coast were Amtac’s first WasteID client and have collaborated extensively during development to get best possible outcomes for their own trade waste customers as well as optimise workflows. Also, Amtac is responsible for developing the NSW EPA’s WasteLocate system for tracking tyre and asbestos waste.
Amtac have a license to use the Dung Beetles to promote their product and they were proudly displaying one of their favourite Dung Beetles cartoons. I discovered that Judy grew up across the creek from where I grew up and she has fond memories of playing in the same area that inspired the creation of The Swamp Cartoon. What a small world!

Rick and Judy Draper from Waste ID at Australian Water Conference

Rick and Judy Draper from Waste ID at Australian Water Conference

Gary Clark at Waste ID Booth

Gary Clark at Waste ID Booth at Australian Water Conference

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