Gary Clark Cartoon Award 2017

Cartoon Award 2017

Gary Clark has won his 14th Stanley Award for Best Comic Strip Artist, for his cartoon strip, Swamp. This peer award was presented at the annual Australian Cartoonists’ Association Awards Night in Canberra, November 25. The Awards Night was sponsored by KPMG and hosted by Craig Reucassel.

Clark’s first award was won in 1985. That inaugural award was sponsored by the now defunct Bulletin Magazine which named the event “The Bulletin Black and White Artists’ Awards”. There is a rich history to the Stanley Awards dating back to 1920. The awards are named after the renown Australian cartoonist, Stan Cross who created the iconic cartoon in 1933, ‘For gorsake, stop laughing: this is serious!’. A sculptured model of this cartoon is the award.

Craig Reucassel and Gary Clark

Craig Reucassel with Gary Clark at Cartoon Awards Night 2017

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