Swamp Cartoon Books by Gary Clark have been a source of entertainment to readers for over 30 years. We have curated a fun collection of cartoon books across this great career.

All the Swamp inhabitants bring their unique personality to each cartoon. Old Man Croc longs to be his former fearsome self and if he had teeth would probably eat that pesky Nit Picker Bird. The Wild Ducks love to roam the Swamp and beyond on their motorbikes. I mean, how else would Wild Ducks traverse this terrain?!

Wart and Mort Frog bring the element of fatness and cuteness to the Swamp. The Swamp Turtle and Snail enjoy life in the slow lane.

The Army Sergeant Duck and Carrier Pidgeon 590 bring light relief to the Armed Forces that reside in the Swamp. Cheese and Chives Rats call the dump their home and a distinct lack of hygiene doesn’t distract from them enjoying life to the full in simplicity.

Of course, there are Ding Duck cartoons books; the Swamp’s most popular character! Enjoy a few laughs as Ding interacts with the Air Traffic Controller, his hapless Flight Instructor and his supportive Dad. Aviators and aviation enthusiasts enjoy these characters.

Freight costs: For Aussie fans $7.95 per order. For Overseas fans $15.00 per order.

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