Ding Duck Book, Mug, Cap set

Ding Duck Book, Cap, Mug


Ding Duck Gift Pack features a signed Cap and Cartoon Book and Coffee Mug with one of the classic Ding Duck cartoons.

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Product Description

Ding Duck Book, Cap and Mug pack have both the Cap and Full Power Cartoon Book signed. The Coffee Mug features one of the classic Ding Duck cartoons. The cartoon on the mug was written straight from life when Gary Clark was doing his flight training. All pilots will be able to relate to this!
The cartoon book is 128 pages of over 250 cartoons featuring all the aviator characters from The Swamp Cartoon Strip. This edition is in Black & White with a selection of cartoons in color.
For someone who can’t fly it’s amazing the places Ding Duck finds himself in the Aviation world. You can find him on countless Flying School walls. His every attempt to fly ends in mishap or disaster but he has featured in air safety campaigns. He fails all his flight theory exams yet he appears in textbooks.
A fun gift pack pilots will enjoy.
Freight costs: For Aussie fans $6.95 per order. For Overseas fans $15.00 per order.

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